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Turning Routine Into Ritual

I often think about the importance of ritual, and how it contributes to my sense of wellness in everyday life. The older I get the more rituals I've adopted, less as a force of habit, but more as a form of self-care. I've come to understand ritual in a way that has inspired me to seek out ways to discover and experience more meaning and appreciation in life.

My definition of ritual is short and sweet. Simply put, Routine + Intention = Ritual.

Routines are things that we do regularly, and often subconsciously. When we approach daily activities more mindfully they can become rituals that are not only enjoyable, but play an important role in our well-being. Adding intention to otherwise mundane tasks such as washing your face, putting the kids to bed, walking the dog, brushing your hair, making the bed, watering the plants or enjoying a cup of tea, can turn them into joy inducing activities.

Taking life slowly has helped me to be more mindful, and this has enabled me to approach daily activities more intentionally.

Practicing mindfulness has taught me that there is so much to appreciate from the simplest things to the smallest moments that we often overlook or diminish when we're not taking time to pay close attention.

I believe, that we all want to experience more joy, peace, and meaning in our lives. So, what I'm offering is that there is a simple approach to achieving this. What if your daily chores could service you in new, more meaningful ways?! For example, make your bedtime routine a gift to yourself, by taking the time to set the vibe with scented candles, play some melodic music and wind down with a cup of warm herbal tea. Now suddenly, your evening routine becomes less about rushing to get to bed, and more of a daily reminder that you're worth being cared for. Now, we all deserve that!

So, as you explore where and how you can be more present in your own life, remember the old adage to "stop and smell the roses", because it's simple rituals like this, that help to renew our minds, uplift our spirits, and remind us that there is always so much to be grateful for.

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