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The Story of Our Tea Well

Tea has always been a part of our our lives. Growing up we drank tea regularly, largely thanks to our father who brewed fresh tea daily, but our story with tea traces back to a place, a land.

Our father learned to brew iced tea from his mother, our grandmother. Our grandmother; a fierce, loving woman and community activist, was known for many things ... her love for family and community, her tenacity, her stories, her homemade corn fritters & fruit preserves, and her TEA, which like her was strong and sweet! As youngsters, spending time at grandma (and grandpa's) house surrounded by family, enjoying good "down home" meals, VA peanuts (grown on farms nearby) and sweet tea, was a RiTUAL. We came to expect this as a part of our visits. Grandma's house without sweet tea just didn't exist. The two went hand in hand!

But, grandma's tea wasn't just any ol' sweet tea. There was something special about it. So, what made grandma's tea so special?

To make brewed tea you need a few simple ingredients, water, tea leaves, and in this case (also) plenty of sugar :). But, it wasn't the sugar that made the difference, it was the WATER. The water at grandma's house was special! It was clean, fresh, almost sweet, and sooo smooth. So much so that we nicknamed it "butter water". The water at grandma's house wasn't the same as the water at other places, because the source of the water was different. Her water came from a well. The well was a fixture on the land right next to grandma and grandpa's house. That well was the source of some of the best water in the world, which produced some of the most wonderful brewed tea!

Tea represents so much of what we cherish - family, good meals and time spent together, and the Well symbolizes the source of all that goodness. It was the source of what we knew and still know as LOVE.

Grandma's tea was made with Pure Water and Pure Love! That's what made her tea so special! Grandma's legacy inspired us to keep a long lasting family tradition of tea, ritual and service alive, and now, our "Tea Well" is where we invite you to come "fill your cup" which natural goodness to nourish your soul!

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