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New Year Intentions

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

You know the saying, New Year, New You! In our culture we are so obsessed with reinventing ourselves.

Reinvention isn’t a bad thing, but sometimes our obsession with change can be crippling. Many people find it challenging to sustain the resolutions that they set at the beginning of the year, because there is so much pressure to achieve and perform. For many, setting resolutions alone creates anxiety, and the anticipation can make it hard to even get started.

Our solution to this very common challenge (because, you’re not alone!) is to ditch the resolution!

Well, not completely, but what if we reimagined what our resolutions looked and sounded like?! What if they were simply intentions that we set, and activate with our energy and efforts. Setting intentions is a practice of conscious awareness. It’s about launching rockets of desire, and aligning our plans with them, without obsessing over the outcome! Set an intention to be present and enjoy the journey towards realizing your intentions (with all the ebbs and flows that come with it). This new year, we want to encourage you to join us in discovering simple and sustainable ways to experience wellness every day.

Instead of fixating on what you have yet to achieve, celebrate all that you have accomplished, and be grateful for the opportunity to continue realizing your goals!

Each new year, month, and day is an opportunity to reimagine our relationships with ourselves, and our unique wellness journeys. We invite you to move with ease and grace this year, and hope that you will allow us to support you in adopting new approaches to healthier, more holistic living. This year, commit to honoring yourself through all the changes, big and small, and don’t forget to love yourself right where you are! We are here for you and with you in the name of wellness. As we say, “Sip.Slow. & Be.Well.”

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