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About Us






Soul Stir LLC is a tea and wellness company founded in 2018 by sisters, tea lovers, artisans and ritualists. 

Affectionately known as "The Soul Sisters of Tea", Soul Stir's founders Kristina and Erin Walden set out on a mission to "promote self care, wellness & community​ through the practice of tea ritual". One day during a casual phone conversation they discovered that they had both been brewing up a business idea centered around their beloved family beverage. Tea was always a part of the sister's lives, but to them it was much more than just a beverage, it was family tradition, self-care practice, a way to build community, and ritual for the soul. Since Soul Stir’s inception, the sister duo, who are the creators of artisan tea brand KēWi Teas™, have crafted countless tea blends, hosted and serviced numerous events, partnered with various businesses, and have educated thousands of people about the benefits, magic and art of tea. 


As their company and vision for it has grown in the 5 years since being established, it has become clear that their purpose is more than just selling tea, but carrying out their "tea ministry", and sharing tools for simple and sustainable ways to experience wellness in everyday life. This is what inspires them to continue expanding Soul Stir as a lifestyle brand focused on holistic health and leisure.

Kristina & Erin's vision to share their love for tea, passion for "well-being", and heart for service is what drives them to deepen their impact as servants, practitioners, educators, and advocates!


Our tea brand, KēWi Teas™ by Soul Stir features all natural, eco-friendly, loose leaf teas & tisanes masterfully crafted with exceptional quality tea leaves, organic herbs, pure spices, dried fruit, and the most important ingredient; LOVE.

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